Revolutionising efficiency
for a leading bank in Saudi

How Ai8 slashed onboarding costs and boosted revenue with streamlined operations for our prominent Saudi-based client. 


Customer Domain:


AI8, a beacon of excellence in the banking sector, embarked on a transformative journey envisioning a cutting-edge B2B platform for digital services in corporate banking.


  • Cloud Services
  • Cyber Security
  • Integration Practices


Our mission was clear—to craft a state-of-the-art B2B system that not only met but exceeded industry standards.


Our client’s vision was ambitious—to position its system as a benchmark for innovation and functionality, leveraging the latest technological advancements to create a scalable B2B platform.

Customer Challenge

Navigating the Complexities of Banking Transformation


Legacy System Integration

The legacy systems that often characterise established banking institutions posed a challenge in seamless integration. Transitioning from traditional banking approaches to a cutting-edge B2B platform required meticulous planning to avoid disruptions, ensure data integrity,


Regulatory Compliance in Banking

The challenge was not only –to meet existing regulatory requirements but also to anticipate future changes. Navigating the intricate web of compliance standards demanded meticulous attention to detail, continuous monitoring.


Enhancing Security in Financial Operations

We navigated the intricate world of financial cybersecurity, where each layer of protection needed not only to be robust but also seamlessly integrated to create an impenetrable shield.


Adapting to the Dynamic B2B Landscape

Understanding the dynamic nature of B2B interactions in the banking sector was not just about agile responsiveness. The challenge was to create a system that not only responded promptly to existing opportunities but also laid the groundwork for scalable and sustainable growth. 


Navigating Challenges with Precision and Innovation

In response to the multifaceted challenges presented by this project, AI8 orchestrated a comprehensive suite of solutions that not only addressed immediate needs but positioned the client for sustained success in the evolving landscape of banking.


Holistic Security Fortification

Recognising the critical need for a secure transaction ecosystem, our solution extended beyond conventional measures. We implemented a holistic security architecture that incorporated advanced encryption protocols, multi-factor authentication, and real-time monitoring. 

Legacy System Harmony

The challenge of integrating with legacy systems was met with a meticulous integration strategy. Our solution involved developing robust APIs and middleware to facilitate seamless communication between the new B2B platform and existing systems. This ensured a smooth transition, minimizing disruptions and preserving data integrity.


Agile Responsiveness in B2B Transactions

Building on the understanding of the dynamic B2B landscape, we adopted an agile methodology that transformed responsiveness into a strategic advantage. Our dynamic response framework, powered by advanced analytics, allowed them to not only seize immediate opportunities but also to anticipate market shifts. 

Developing stakeholder consensus

Achieving alignment among diverse stakeholders required a solution rooted in effective communication and collaboration. We implemented a stakeholder engagement plan that included regular updates, workshops, and feedback sessions. This collaborative approach ensured that all stakeholders were not just informed but actively engaged in the transformation journey.


Regulatory Compliance Integration

Addressing the challenge of navigating stringent regulatory standards, our solution involved continuous monitoring and rapid adaptation to compliance changes. We integrated compliance checks directly into the B2B platform, ensuring that regulatory requirements were met consistently. 


Ai8's enhanced data transfer boosts banking efficiency and security significantly.

Onboarding Streamlined

The streamlined onboarding process, enriched by intuitive features, significantly reduced the time and effort required for clients to join the platform, enhancing overall efficiency.

Tech-Powered Savings

Operational costs witnessed a marked reduction due to the strategic implementation of process optimisations and resource-efficient technologies.

Data-Driven Edge

Our data-driven approach not only identified new revenue sources but also translated into enhanced customer benefits, creating a more competitive and appealing platform.

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This Case Study Is In Progress.

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