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Aligning with Saudi Vision 2030 Objectives

The challenge faced by Ai8 in upskilling Saudi nationals in cybersecurity was driven by a clear and ambitious goal — to align with the objectives outlined in Saudi Vision 2030. The overarching aim was to contribute significantly to the national vision by developing a workforce proficient in cybersecurity.

Customer Challenge

Ai8 Unleashes Cyber Excellence for Saudi Vision 2030.


Expert Curriculum Design: A Foundation for Success

The challenge faced by Ai8 in upskilling Saudi nationals in cybersecurity began with the recognition of the need for an expertly crafted curriculum. To address this, Ai8 assembled a team of seasoned curriculum designers with deep knowledge in cybersecurity domains. The team meticulously curated a 12-month curriculum that not only covered the fundamental aspects of Networking, Security, OS, OS Security, and programming languages but also ensured its relevance to the rapidly evolving industry landscape.


Bilingual Trainers: Bridging Language Gaps for Inclusive Learning

Another critical challenge identified was the necessity for bilingual trainers proficient in both Arabic and English. Ai8 understood that effective communication is paramount for successful learning outcomes. Certified trainers fluent in both languages were engaged to deliver courses directly at the client's premises, creating an inclusive learning environment that catered to the linguistic diversity of the Saudi population.


Advanced Infrastructure: Creating Immersive Hands-On Labs

Establishing advanced infrastructure for hands-on labs presented a unique set of challenges. Ai8 addressed this by leveraging its network of technology vendors to create cutting-edge cloud labs. These labs provided students with a simulated environment for practical exercises, allowing them to apply theoretical knowledge in real-world scenarios. The result was an immersive learning experience that enhanced the practical skills essential for a career in cybersecurity.


Learning Management Solution (LMS): Tailoring Technology for Precision

The challenge extended beyond the classroom, necessitating the development of a custom Learning Management Solution (LMS) for efficient tracking and reporting. Ai8 collaborated with software developers to create an LMS tailored to the client's specific requirements. This bespoke solution not only tracked student data but also provided in-depth reporting capabilities, enabling the client to monitor individual progress, identify learning trends, and ensure the overall success of the program.

A Holistic Approach to National Upskilling

Strategic Partnerships: Leveraging Collective Expertise

Recognizing the need for a comprehensive solution, Ai8 forged strategic partnerships with leading technology vendors. These collaborations ensured access to the latest tools and technologies, enriching the learning experience and aligning the curriculum with industry best practices.


Bilingual Training Delivery: Cultural Sensitivity in Learning

The engagement of certified bilingual trainers proved to be a pivotal solution, fostering an environment where students could comfortably learn in their preferred language. This approach not only broke language barriers but also showcased Ai8's commitment to cultural sensitivity in educational delivery.

Cloud Labs: Bringing Practicality to the Forefront

The creation of advanced cloud labs marked a breakthrough in addressing the infrastructure challenge. By providing students with a platform for hands-on exercises in a virtual environment, Ai8 delivered a scalable and cost-effective solution that exceeded traditional lab setups.


Custom LMS: Precision in Tracking and Reporting

The development of a custom Learning Management Solution addressed the need for precision in tracking and reporting. Ai8's bespoke LMS not only streamlined administrative tasks but also offered a personalized learning experience, empowering both students and educators with actionable insights.

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